Building a SpatioTemporal Feature Registry

Building a SpatioTemporal Feature Registry

Shared data on boundaries, identifiers, and associated information.

USGS is working to build a National Biogeographic Map (NBM) that includes information tied to areas of interest that range from political boundaries to land-use classifications (i.e. parks and wildlife refuges) to more ecologically focused "bounded" areas like ecoregions. The NBM includes features such as dams and other stream barriers (needed in connectivity analysis), boat ramps (needed for invasive species risk modeling), and other discrete human-made features. It is also linked to the the National Hydrographic Dataset's identified watershed boundaries and stream network.

The NBM team is constantly challenged with chasing down the appropriate and best sources for these boundaries, identifiers, and associated information. To confront this challenge the NBM developer team has started conceptualizing a Spatial Feature Registry. The team thinks the resources being developed have broad applicability within the science community and they would like to engage YOU, to determine how this effort could become a community resource.


Building a SpatioTemporal Feature Registry

Places index and api for USGS National Biogeographic Map

USGS just did a "soft release" of version 2 of our National Biogeographic Map this week ( The Spatial Feature Registry idea is a major part of this as we are focused right now on place-based analyses of different kinds. The interface for the map has a type-ahead lookup feature in the upper left as well as the "find-by-click" approach that we had in the previous version (adopted by some... more »


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