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how do we re invent the very concept of a professional society

when the first scientific academies were created, coming out of guild and medieval societies, there was a real sense of 'professional amateurs' ( levy leblond calls that 'amatorat' in his writing). and that people would cluster socially and then create shared resources


todays attempts like and research gate it seems to me are failing


coupled to this is the problem that we havent developed yet how to create real community groups on line

with people we havent met physically


i am now being chased by disreputable and probably fake concerence, publications and societies asking me to join

and then they use my name and thats it


we have been doing a string of leonardo 50th birthday parties in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Leonardo publications.


these have been spontaneous parties where people who knew each other lin line could

meet and discuss- perhaps like salon culture in 19th century vienna


so what are the concepts and mechanics for building professional societies and academies today ?





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