The Academy is Broken Stories


There is a rapid growth of PhD programs in Art and Design responding to the growth of the art/sci/tech/design research and creative practice community ( eg the SACRE PHD in paris)


In the USA there are two 'terminal degrees' now for artists and designers

the MFA- master of fine arts

and the PHD in art and design


universities are under pressure to have nore phd;s and produce more phds to be higher in the shanghai and other university rankings

i was just in manizales columbia at the university of caldas- the minister of education is pressuring universites to have more faculty with phds- i just did a phd workshop and all the students were professors at other universities in columbia, now taking a phd in order to keep their job


in the us at the university of texas at dallas- we now have PhD students who already have a MFA and have been teaching and researching- one student told me he was a dean at a community college and he was only taking a phd so he could be promoted


the shanghai and other university rankings is leading to the PhD being used as a metric for university


the modern PhD was designed for research in disciplines where there are career tracks such as postdocs


there is no such thing as a postdoc in art


rather than ask the question ; how should we train artists and designers today, universities are making curriculum decisions based on shanghai and other universiity rankings




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