The Academy is Broken Stories

Incentives in need of improvement

* The quantity of research output is often valued over its quality. Scholars are incentivised to publish research results in small pieces, which boosts the overall costs of academic publishing while impeding new, original research.


* Scholarly communication is constrained by current reward structures largely favouring publication of research results in renowned academic publishing venues.


* Peer review is not adequately acknowledged as a scholarly activity although it enhances and ensures the quality of research output.


Deficits of the Current Scholarly Communication System:


Kraker, P., Dörler, D., Ferus, A., Gutounig, R., Heigl, F., Kaier, C., … Wandl-Vogt, E. (2016, June 15). The Vienna Principles: A Vision for Scholarly Communication in the 21st Century. Zenodo.


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