Academic Commons Solution Stories

Commons regularly respond to the requirements of commoners

Academy commons will need to be reflexively learning to address internal and external issues. The way forward requires an effort that spans the entire practice of scholarship, from intellection to publication. Researchers face the task of redesigning the scholarly workflow, while they inject these new modes of doing research and publication into the broader academy.


Scholars and scientists want to accomplish their research, see this research broadly communicated and reused, and get noticed and rewarded for their efforts. They build and use a system for scholarly communication to enable their scholarship within an environment they govern and on which they can collectively improve. The life of a scholar is rigorous and difficult, but also includes opportunities for personal and collective fulfillment. Scholarly communication will support these. At the same time, members require scholarly communication to address a wide range of issues that negatively impact their ability to realize their scholarly goals.


Researchers across the globe will have wide variety of local issues to bring to their commons. Academy commons are committed to help resolve issues across the planet.


“​Single loop organizations fix problems... Double loop organizations fix problems and fix the situations that caused the problems.” Clay Shirky, 2011


“How do we ensure that the system is run “humbly”, that it recognises it doesn’t have a right to exist beyond the support it provides for the community and that it plans accordingly?”­Bilder, Geoffrey; Lin, Jennifer; Neylon, Cameron (2015): Principles for Open Scholarly Infrastructures­v1. Figshare.


Adapted from Version .05 Force11 Commons Principles


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