Academic Commons Solution Stories

All activities and outputs that take place in academy commons remain in common

All content and services in the these commons will be publicly shared. All resources are openly available and may not be removed.


Currently, academic research is surrounded and interpenetrated by an economic logic that manufactures scarcity as a means to grow arbitrary value and improve profit margins. Scholarly communication needs to grow its own digital economy. And for this, it needs to capture the value that researchers invest into it. One part of this exchange value will come from the expansion of internet­-enabled services, another from the increase of its digital resources, and a third from the contributions of scholarly talent and funding sources from other markets.


All organizations that adhere to these principles will be embraced as partners in academy commons. Their activities contribute to the economy of these commons.


“An economics of abundance seek out these kinds of strategies of providing for our needs; it is not an economics that assumes that abundance exists, but one that analyzes modes of scarcity generation..., and that points out ways to counteract them.” Wolfgang Hoeschele


“It seems like if we could re­frame the way we think about these problems, and find new abstractions, new places to stand and see the issues we might be able to break through at least some of those that seem intractable today. How might we recognise the unexpected places where it is possible to create abundance?” Cameron Neylon


Adapted from Version .05 Force11 Commons Principles


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