Academic Commons Solution Stories

Academy commons stimulate behaviors that support openness in all stages of the research cycle

Incentives in academy commons are designed to stimulate behaviors that support the production and dissemination of the best scholarship and science. They encourage respect for commons governance and rules and they discourage behaviors and practices that inhibit participation. They apply to all stages of and participants in the research cycle. They respect and support non­standard research outputs (such as datasets, software) and para-scholarly activity (e.g. leadership, community service, peer review, and adjudication).


Academy commons incentivize the production and dissemination of the best possible scholarship.


Commons ...


* Encourage contributions using standard tools and taxonomies


* Encourage the publication and reuse of data


* Encourage replication and the publication of null-­results


* Support and enable ways to do nuanced and transparent assessment


Adapted from Version .05 Force11 Commons Principles


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